The problem

Huge portion of car accidents are because of human error, safe driving is a term without a clear definition. Insurance companies can't accurately predict drivers' risk of accident for given time period, thus insurance policy is a farily high expence.


Pay-as-you-drive based policies are a little better but still lack in accuracy, because it is hard to tell if a driver is a safe driver from car computer data.

The solution

Define the safe driver model with the help of cameras and Deep Learning that will help to assess the insurance risk more accurately. Also use that model to install driver assistance tools that guide them towards safe driving in real-time.


Our offer

Manage-how-you-drive based insurance

Small camera that mounts to your windsheild and sends data to our server to calculate your insurance policy. Your insurance will be low if you are characterized as safe driver.

ADAS system that helps you to


Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) gives hints to your drivers on how to be a safe driver, increases their safety and also lowers insurance. Several cameras and compute power for real-time assistance.

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